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5 commitments which we seek to adhere to and achieve through the firm, its people and our investment process.

Minimise waste and preserve resources

Reduce carbon footprint

Make a positive contribution to society

Improve health & well-being

Promote equality & value diversity


Corporate Social Responsibility

A note from our CSR Manager
December 2021

In early 2021 we became a carbon neutral business, calculating and offsetting our carbon footprint, something that we will continue annually. In offsetting our emissions, we chose to support a leading social enterprise, Plastic Bank, who contribute towards 14 of the UN’s sustainable development goals with work which enables locals in some of the areas of the world most affected by the consequences of ocean plastic to collect plastic waste and exchange it for money, food, drinking water or school fees. They then recycle the plastic and turn it in to raw material. Our offset equated to approximately 3,550 plastic bottles being stopped from entering the ocean.  We also began our application for B-Corp status, which is currently in progress.

Plastic Bank was the inspiration for our first team volunteer day of 2021. We took to the canals of central London for an afternoon of litter picking, which was an eye-opening experience to say the least. Later in the year we spent a day at the London Wetlands Centre restoring a rare bird habitat.


We made a some environmentally conscious decisions for the office. Reducing our printing is something we had already been working on since 2019, when we began to track and reduce, and we made the decision last year to get rid of our printer entirely. We also removed our office water cooler having learned about the carbon footprint of the water supplied to those machines and not wanting to unnecessarily add any more plastic to this world. 
The whole team mentored students on the Social Mobility Foundation’s Aspiring Professional’s programme for a second year running, and our CEO and ESG Committee Chair, Adam Davies, was a speaker in a panel session giving students an insight into the industry. 

Our chosen charity, which we supported with quarterly donations throughout the year, was Apart of Me. A unique and inspiring charity who have created a game which serves as a guide to help young people navigate their way through grief.  
We added some great new benefits to our employee offering including subscriptions to a meditation app and health coaching.

Finally, I wanted to introduce our Women in Investment initiative, which we launched towards the end of the year to promote gender diversity in the industry. Part of this is an internship scheme; we are excited to be welcoming our first intern in February. In addition, we have committed to host a small cohort of students from GAIN’s (Girls are Investors) Investment Insight Programme in Q2 2022. The other side of the initiative is looking at how we support our female employees. Last year we introduced a first of its kind women’s benefit, Umi Health, which gives employees and their family members access to a dedicated hub of educational resources on all areas of women’s health including pregnancy, postnatal and menopause, as well as other key topics which are not a focus of the mainstream health benefits. We also signed up to the Wellbeing of Women Menopause Workplace Pledge, recognising that this topic is not spoken of in the work setting, yet hundreds of thousands of women in the UK have left their jobs due to the menopause.


In Numbers

Contributions from our small team
December 2021

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tonnes of CO2 offset



charities supported

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SDGs contributed towards so far in 2021


Carbon Neutral

Selecting projects close to our hearts

We have recently worked with ClimatePartner to become a Carbon Neutral Company by calculating the firm’s operational carbon footprint for the last financial year and offsetting our emissions. The offset project we have chosen to support is Plastic Bank, a leading social enterprise who contribute towards 14 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals with their work. Our offset for 2020 will equate to 71kgs of plastic being stopped from entering the ocean which is equivalent to approximately 3,550 plastic bottles.

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