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With this blog we hope to shed some light on our thoughts, practices, research and views – how we can help overcome the challenges ahead and at the same time find opportunities for investment.

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Helping those in need

So far this year we have focused our volunteering and donation efforts towards humanitarian organisations helping those struggling as a result of the cost-of-living crisis and the war in Ukraine.

The team volunteering with Refuge Network UK

In May the team spent an afternoon volunteering at the Euston Food Bank, which offers basic food and supplies to the many locals who rely on their service. The foodbank had seen an exponential increase in visitors since the start of the pandemic and subsequently the volumes of food they are now giving out is so far beyond the pre-2020 amounts that they have recently moved into larger premises. They rely on food and monetary donations in order to provide the service, which has never been more crucial as the impact the cost of living crisis is felt by low income families. We spent the afternoon restocking and preparing the warehouse for the evening service.

In early July we joined Refuge Network UK, a non-profit who promote equal access to food, housing, healthcare, education, and an adequate standard of living for individuals and families. We spent an afternoon helping out with their London feeding and homeless outreach project. We served food to some of their service users at their outdoor soup kitchen on the Strand and then packaged up food parcels and walked through the surrounding areas of central London handing them out to those in need. In addition to Refuge Network’s work in London, Refuge Network International run a number of other projects helping homeless people, refugees and working with disadvantaged young people.

Finally, since the war in Ukraine began the company has made several donations to different emergency appeals. Dimitri, Partner & PM, who was born in Ukraine, set out on his own fundraising mission for the IsraAid Ukraine Crisis response and has so far raised close to $20,000 with many generous donations. IsraAid is an established organisation who provide emergency responses to major humanitarian crises worldwide.



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