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Deliver positive, consistent returns across economic cycles, driven by a foundation of integrity, responsibility, people and innovation

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ESG Integrated Market Neutral

Velox’s core investment process revolves around integrating technicals, fundamentals, ESG, sentiment and catalysts in order to source repeatable patterns of market behaviour within a controlled environment of risk disciplines. We embrace technology to organise processes and aggregate market data to prepare for efficient analysis. Repeating behaviours around stock specific catalysts are systematically identified using signals developed by the Velox team.

Our ethos is embedded within our Mission Statement, Core Values and Commitments.

We believe that, for any company to deliver long-term, sustainable value creation, it needs to consider all stakeholders - including regulators, shareholders, employees, partners, clients, suppliers, the environment and the local community. Simply put, to be as focused on its business practices as on its financial performance. We trust that the integration of ESG factors within the organisation and investment strategy allow us to better handle risks and opportunities, and that sustainable business practices drive long-term value creation in much the same way as revenues or costs.

ESG Spotlight

With this blog we hope to shed some light on our thoughts, practices, research and views...

The world as we know it today is evolving. It is becoming cleaner, greener, more transparent, more equal and more connected. We believe that mankind is facing a tipping point, a profound, generational shift in how our species operates, how it consumes and what it prioritises.

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