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Meet the team

Building strength in the investment team and business

A significant factor in the success of the Velox product has been the strength we have built in our team. But, most importantly, the strength of the team has been a large factor in our continued enhancements and evolution. We value our employees as people, not just talent, and provide them with everything they need to thrive.

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Investment Team

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Dimitri Kern

Portfolio Manager

Dimitri has been managing long short equity portfolios since 2009 and has extensive experience within equity markets.

Within Velox, Dimitri's key focus areas are fundamental and event driven themes, and ESG engagement.

Dimitri is a member of the ESG Committee.

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Elina Kovaleva

Head of Research

Elina joined Velox in 2018. She previously held roles at City Financial as a long-short equities analyst, and at Goldman Sachs as an equities specialist.

Within Velox, Elina's key focus areas are event driven and capital markets themes and TNT sectors.

Elina is a member of the ESG Committee.

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Jeremy Stone

Portfolio Manager

Jeremy has over 20 years' equity trading experience and was key to the development of the strategy and technology at its origin in MBAM.

Within Velox, Jeremy's key focus areas are results/shock and technical moves themes.

Jeremy is a member of the ESG Committee.

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Saarthak Chhabra

Quant, ESG & Risk Analyst 

Saarthak joined Velox in 2019 and has been a key contributor to both the ESG Integration and risk enhancements.

Saarthak previously worked at Bloomberg, mostly recently leading the development of their ESG tools.

Saarthak is the ESG Officer for Velox.

Business Team

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Adam Davies

Chief Executive Officer

Adam joined Velox in 2018, having previously worked with Dimitri and Jeremy at MBAM in 2008. Prior to joining Velox, Adam held key positions at a number of successful start-ups.

Within Velox, Adam's focus is on business strategy and investor management.

Adam is the Chair of the Velox ESG Committee.

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Isobel Lawlor

EA & CSR Manager

Isobel joined Velox as an EA in 2018. She provides administrative support to the PMs, analysts and Adam.

In addition to her role as an EA, Isobel is Velox's CSR Manager, ensuring that Velox delivers on its commitments in the best way possible.

Isobel is the ESG Committee Secretary.