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Meet the team

Building strength in the investment team and business

A significant factor in the success of the Velox product has been the strength we have built in our team. But, most importantly, the strength of the team has been a large factor in our continued enhancements and evolution. We value our employees as people, not just talent, and provide them with everything they need to thrive.

As a GC People Company we believe that our people are at the core of our success, and that there is a direct correlation between an engaged, empowered workforce and better business performance. We are using The GC Index® as a common language of impact and contribution across our organisation which results in:

  • People who enjoy their roles and become more productive

  • More effective teams that leverage the impact of each person

  • Organisational harmony through enhanced collaboration

  • Employees feeling valued for their own personal impact

  • Increased diversity by decreasing “unconscious bias”

  • Greater awareness of how each person has an impact

We believe that everyone can make a game-changing contribution to our organisation and we use The GC Index® to help us, recruit, develop and organise our people to empower everyone to make their best impact.

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Velox is an accredited Living Wage Employer. We commit to paying all employees a minimum of the independently calculated London Living Wage. Significantly higher than the government minimum for over 23s and reflecting the higher costs of living in the capital. 

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Women in Investment Initiative

In 2021 we began work on our Women in Investment Initiative (WII), recognising that unless we address the issue of the lack of gender diversity in the investment management industry ourselves, we are part of the problem. Alongside initiatives to improve how we support our employees, in early 2022 we welcomed the first intern onto our WII Internship Programme, in addition to commencing a partnership with Girls are Investors (GAIN), and organisation focused on improving gender diversity in the investment management industry.

Interested in joining our internship programme? Apply here

Investment Team

Investment Team

DK high res.jpg

Dimitri Kern

Portfolio Manager

Dimitri has been managing long short equity portfolios since 2009 and has extensive experience within equity markets.

Within Velox, Dimitri's key focus areas are fundamental and event driven themes, and ESG engagement.

Dimitri is a member of the ESG Committee.

EK high res.jpg

Elina Kovaleva

Head of Research

Elina joined Velox in 2018. She previously held roles at City Financial as a long-short equities analyst, and at Goldman Sachs as an equities specialist.

Within Velox, Elina's key focus areas are event driven and capital markets themes and TNT sectors.

Elina is a member of the ESG Committee.

JS high res.jpg

Jeremy Stone

Portfolio Manager

Jeremy has over 20 years' equity trading experience and was key to the development of the strategy and technology at its origin in MBAM.

Within Velox, Jeremy's key focus areas are results/shock and technical moves themes.

Jeremy is a member of the ESG Committee.

SC high res.jpg

Saarthak Chhabra

Quant, ESG & Risk Analyst 

Saarthak joined Velox in 2019 and has been a key contributor to both the ESG Integration and risk enhancements.

Saarthak previously worked at Bloomberg, mostly recently leading the development of their ESG tools.

Saarthak is the ESG Officer for Velox.


Owen Shirley

Senior Research Analyst

Owen joined Velox in 2023, focussing on the UK Mid Cap space.

Prior to Velox, Owen spent 9 years at Berenberg, most recently as Head of UK SMID Consumer and Leisure.


He has a Masters with Distinction in International Business from the University of Nottingham Business School.


Lihui Huang

Research Analyst

Lihui joined Velox’s WII internship scheme in August 2022 as an investment analyst, covering European markets.


Lihui has a background in investment banking and a Master of Finance from the University of Cambridge.


Simon Sobakin

Intern Quant Analyst

Simon joined Velox as a Quantitative Intern in March 2023.


Prior to joining Velox, Simon was completing his MSc in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. For his final year project, he investigated the use of reinforcement learning in the chemical engineering industry.

Business Team
AD high res.jpg

Adam Davies

Executive Board Member

Adam joined Velox in 2018, having previously worked with Dimitri and Jeremy at MBAM in 2008. Prior to joining Velox, Adam held key positions at a number of successful start-ups.

Within Velox, Adam's focus is on advising the board on strategy, systems & controls.

Adam is the Chair of the Velox ESG Committee.

IL high res.jpg

Isobel Lawlor

EA & CSR Manager

Isobel joined Velox as an EA in 2018. She provides administrative support to the PMs, analysts and Adam.

In addition to her role as an EA, Isobel is Velox's CSR Manager, ensuring that Velox delivers on its commitments in the best way possible.

Isobel is the ESG Committee Secretary.

Business Team

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