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3 Pillars: Philosophy, Risk, Technology



At the heart of Velox is the identification of repeatable patterns of behaviour

Human behaviour creates ascertainable circumstances that lead to market mispricing. Investors often react in the same ways to similar events. Emotions such as fear, greed, hope and panic are on display in the market each day. We build investment strategies around these behaviours.

We combine 5 lenses – technical, fundamentals, ESG, sentiment & catalysts – alongside market leading technology to understand why stocks have the potential to outperform or underperform the market.



Vital to every stage of our process, ensuring our parameters, at both the portfolio and position level, are tightly controlled

Our belief is that no investment process is effective without an depth risk management process behind it. Behaviourally, humans have a tendency to become emotionally attached or to behave irrationally in certain market conditions. We maintain objectivity around risk - our framework makes the difficult decisions for us.  



Allowing us to combine the best of man and machine, making our processes more reliable and efficient

Velox stands for agile, a nod to our process, which we continue to refine and adapt to changing market requirements. Whether it be our idea generation, risk management, optimised hedging or ESG integration, technology is key. Our processes rely on us being able to aggregate multiple datasets and build systems that allow us to utilise our internal resource in the best and most efficient way possible.

One of our most recent development is ViA - Velox Integration App. ViA is proprietary application, housed within Bloomberg launchpad, that enables our team to quickly identify and understand the potential ESG risks a company is facing.


ESG Integration

An additional layer of information and insight integrated across an established and robust process

We understand that ESG issues have the potential to influence returns meaningfully over the short, medium and long term, and recognise the importance of a formalised approach towards evaluating and integrating them into our investment strategy. 


Fund Info

The Velox Fund is a sub fund of the DMS UCITS Platform

For fund information, including prospectus, KIIDS and performance data, please visit the Waystone website.