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With this blog we hope to shed some light on our thoughts, practices, research and views – how we can help overcome the challenges ahead and at the same time find opportunities for investment.

  • Writer's pictureIsobel Lawlor

A day at the beach

In the week when many Londoners were busy queuing to buy petrol the Velox team spent a day at the beach. Or rather, building a beach!

Almost exactly a year since our last day at the London Wetlands Centre we returned to help out restoring an area to replicate the natural habitat of certain bird species, currently home to some Eider ducks.

Although building a beach for ducks is a nice thing to do, it may not be what first springs to mind when you think about environmental conservation work. However, along with everything that the inspiring team at the Wetlands do, there is meticulous planning to carefully maintain the ecosystem they have created there, which plays host to some very rare bird species from around the world. Creating this beach habitat is just another piece of the biodiversity boosting jigsaw.

We used landscape gardening skills we didn’t know we had, and thoroughly enjoyed the contrast to our average weekday. A perfect way to recharge after a busy September, ready for the last quarter of the year.

Some photos of the day



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