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With this blog we hope to shed some light on our thoughts, practices, research and views – how we can help overcome the challenges ahead and at the same time find opportunities for investment.

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ESG core focus for Velox when choosing SEB as financing partner for Nordic equity portfolio

The Velox team is committed to furthering the integration of ESG into our investment process and have therefore selected SEB as financing partner for our Nordic equity portfolio.

SEB is a leading ESG bank in the Nordics with a long history of being at the forefront of ESG and Sustainability thinking. Through discussions between SEB and Velox it is clear that ESG and Sustainability are core focus areas for both parties.

SEB helped arrange the first ever green bond back in 2008, after Swedish pension funds turned to the World Bank to find climate-friendly projects in which to invest. More recently, SEB designed the framework for Sweden’s debut green government bond program.

The Velox team, following 12 months of development, integrated our ESG philosophy into the investment strategy in January this year. The initial phase was to better manage ESG specific risks, which we achieved through the implementation of our proprietary scoring system and front office app, alongside enhancements to the research process. We have now moved our focus to identifying ESG alpha opportunities. Find out more about our journey here.

Sustainability and ESG is receiving a huge amount of attention from investors and managers globally as we focus on providing a better future for our planet and our children. SEB believes that working with managers that believe in this vision is important as the whole industry goes through what will undoubtedly be a significant change in the years to come.



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